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Where will Fairfax Media use or publish my photos?

Currently, Clique Photo Club only uses photos from members for promotions and activities associated with Clique Photo Club and occasionally our sponsors.
If your photo is used in an editorial publication or online and it is not associated with Clique, this is an error and will be corrected as soon as possible once we are advised this has happened. Please contact us if this is the case.

Who writes feedback for the monthly Challenges?

Full members receive feedback on entries for monthly Challenges.
The feedback is written by a current or former Fairfax Media photographer or by a Fairfax Media photo editor working on the photo desk. The person providing feedback is often different month to month depending on availability.
Feedback is not done by the same person who does the judging. Judges also vary month to month.

I am 15 years old or under, can I enter Challenges?

Yes. Clique is open to all ages. However, we do recommend that you join Student Clique. If you are 15 years or under, you must possess legal parental or guardian consent to register as a member of Clique.

Do I need permission to enter photos of children or strangers?

Clique Terms and Conditions specify that a photographer should have parental permission to enter Challenges and Competitions with photos including children. There is no requirement for Clique to check or see the permission and the requirement of permission is to protect photographers liability.

Is Clique exclusively a photojournalism club?

Clique is a photo club, the point of difference is that Clique is the only photo club that gives you access to award winning photo journalists from Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

How do I find out who the judge is for challenges and competitions?

We do not promote or advertise the judge for monthly Challenges as it is not something that we have a great deal of control over. The monthly Challenge is a practical hands-on way to learn new techniques, practice skills, share what you learn, and get feedback from your photo community.

Certain photography competitions such as Shoot The Chef will have the judges promoted within the competition details.

How do I redeem my Full or Basic Student Clique Membership benefits?

On payment of registration you will be entitled to Clique Full member benefits.

Visit smh.com.au/clique or theage.com.au/clique and log into your Clique account. Click here to access your Basic member benefits, and click here to access Full member benefits.

What are the differences between Clique and Student Clique?

Full membership for Student Clique is at a reduced cost of $39 and $29 for Fairfax subscribers, which is $10 cheaper than a Clique full membership. Students have their own separate monthly challenges with no set theme and these have different prizes to Clique’s.

I’m a member of Clique but I’m a student – can I transfer over to Student Clique?

Yes you can. Please visit our Members Centre to switch over.

Please note: You cannot be a member of both Clique and Student Clique at the same time. Keep in mind that we cannot offer a refund on the price difference between a Clique full membership and a Student Clique full membership when you transfer over. The option to pay the reduced full membership cost will be available when you renew your membership.

What happens if I finish my tertiary course, defer or drop out and I still have time left on my Student Clique full membership?

Your Full Student Clique membership will remain in tact until its expiration date. If you wish to renew your membership at this date, you can do so as a full member of Clique.

If you have a Student basic membership and you are no longer studying, please e-mail studentclique@fairfaxmedia.com.au to be transfered to a Clique basic membership.

Can primary school students join Student Clique?

At the moment, Student Clique is for tertiary and secondary students ONLY. If you are a primary school student, you may register under a Clique membership instead.

I’m a mature-aged student, am I still able to join Student Clique?

Of course, as long as you have a valid student number under a valid institution.

Who can join Student Clique?

Anybody of any age can join as long as they are a full or part-time student studying at a secondary (high school) or tertiary institution (such as a University, TAFE or College). You must be currently enrolled with a valid student number and valid institution.

Student Clique staff may ask you to provide a copy of your student identification card to verify your student status further.

Help! I am having technical difficulties!

Please email studentclique@fairfaxmedia.com.au using the email address you used to register to Student Clique, your full name, and a contact phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions can be found here.

Will my photos be displayed online or in print?

The winner and finalists of each Clique monthly Challenge are announced on the last Thursday of the month.
If you are a winner of a monthly Challenge, your entry will be printed in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers and online. Please note this is not guaranteed and is subject to editorial discretion.
If you are a finalist of a monthly Challenge, your entry may be printed in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers and online. Winners and finalists may appear in galleries on our digital properties. For other competitions, we will publish where appropriate.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners for each Challenge will be announced on various Fairfax platforms on the last Thursday of the month.

What are the judges looking for in the entries?

The judge(s) will be looking for creative images that offer a unique interpretation of the brief and display fine skill and technique. The winner will be chosen based on the originality, composition, and photographic technique of their Challenge entry.

I received an email telling my photo has been rejected. Why?

Your Challenge entry may be rejected if the judges deem it to be unlawful or objectionable, as per the terms & conditions of Clique. Your entry may also be rejected if you try and submit more than one entry, or if we cannot verify you are a Clique member.

Will my entry be valid if I use photo editing software?

Yes, entries submitted after using photo editing software are accepted.
However, please note that the Challenge judge(s)will be looking for entries that are in the genre of photojournalism, so images with heavy post-production will not be looked on favorably. This a photography competition, not a photo-retouching competition.