Saturday stroll led to Student Clique’s winning image

Jason Smith was on a Saturday morning stroll in Melbourne's Southbank when he came across a curious poster.

"I was really on the lookout for street scenes, events and activities that I could document. I remember seeing posters all round for a celebration of Buddha's Birthday and thought there may be some interesting photographic opportunities." Smith told Fairfax Media.

Jason Smith's winning image was taken along the Southbank Boulevard. <cite>Photo: Jason Smith/Clique</cite>
Jason Smith's winning image was taken along the Southbank Boulevard. Photo: Jason Smith/Clique

The student from Deakin University followed his instinct and set himself up to catch some of the celebration.

"I found a great spot along Southbank Boulevard where dozens of brightly and colourfully dressed ladies were hurriedly preparing for a festival of some type. I was excited and felt some great opportunities were right here for a photo or series of images.

"Because of the location and time of day, the low sun was streaking through gaps in the buildings which are set all along Southbank. You get graphic shafts of light and fantastic shadows. It was in one of these shafts of sunlight that I saw a small group of women frantically changing and putting on last minute accessories for the festival."

It was this moment when Smith took his winning photo for Student Clique's April-May bi-monthly photo contest. The contest ran for two months and was open to secondary and tertiary student photographers.

Nic Walker, photojournalist at Fairfax Media, judged the competition and said of Smith's entry:

"I liked the way the photo made me do a double take because of its interesting composition.

"I enjoy how the image moves your eye from the woman bending down, to the woman in white and to the rest of the image. I really like how unique the image was."

Smith wants to continue with his photography and one day become a professional.

"I believe everyone has a story to tell. To me the camera is a tool to capture and document these significant moments and intimate details of someone's life," Smith said.

Student Clique is run from the newsrooms of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. It aims to inspire secondary and tertiary students to learn, shoot and share. It's free to join or members can purchase a Full Membership for $39 a year. Full members have access to discounts from Clique's sponsors and receive feedback on their contest entries.

Student Clique is currently accepting entries to its June-July contest. To enter, visit cliquephotos.com.au/student-clique/bi-monthly-contest.