About Student Clique

Student Clique is the student section of Clique Photo Club run by the photography departments of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Our aim is to inspire secondary and tertiary student photography enthusiasts to learn, shoot and share more with tailored challenges and prizes.

Our motto is Learn. Shoot. Share.

Student membership options

To be a member of Student Clique, you need to be currently enrolled at a secondary or tertiary institution with a valid student number. We have a two-tier membership structure:

  1. Basic Student membership is free and allows you to enter the Student Clique monthly Challenges and other competitions held by Clique like Traveller’s Big Picture competition.
  2. Full Student membership includes feedback from professional photographers on images submitted to monthly challenges, early-bird registration to Clique-run workshops and events, plus a growing range of discounts from our supporters. Full membership costs $39 for the public and $29 for Fairfax subscribers.

To see what each membership level offers, visit our member benefits page.

Ways to win

  1. Bi-monthly photo contests – We hold 5 bi-monthly photo contests each year with an open theme for Student Clique members only.
  2. Student Clique Photographer of the Year – If you enter a minimum of 3 bi-monthly contests each year, your entries will form your submission to the Student Clique Photographer of the Year award. The student with the best portfolio of images will be awarded the title.
  3. Traveller’s Big Picture competition – Runs on Traveller.com.au and in Saturday editions of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Every six months we have a great travel prize.
  4. Summer Herald photo competition. Runs in the Summer Herald with 15 winners. Members submit images over 30 days in December/January within the theme of ‘Summer’.
  5. Shoot the Chef – Held as a part of the Clique monthly Challenges, Student Clique members also will have the opportunity to enter their portrait of a chef to win.

To stay updated on what contests are currently on, follow us on Instagram.